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Car Chip Tuning

KESS V2 Ksuite SW2.23 FW5.017  with Reset Button
KESS V2 Ksuite SW2.23 FW5.017 with Reset Button
KTAG ECU Programming Tool Hardware V7.02
KTAG ECU Programming Tool Hardware V7.02 SOFTWARE V2.23
CarProg Full V9.31
CARPROG FULL v7.25(with all Software's activated and all 21 items Adapters), was designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for car radios, dashboards, immobilizers repair including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer.
XPROG V5.70 XPROGM Box ECU Programmer
X-PROG Box ECU Programmer XPROG-M V5.70 with USB Dongle Adds new authorization: AUTH-0025 Authorized 11/4/2014,No operation system limitation, software can be installed on both Windows XP and Windows 7.
KESS V2 Manager Tuning Kit with unlimited Token
KESS V2 Manager Tuning Kit with unlimited Token
MPPS V18.12.3.8  ECU Chip Tuning
MPPS V18.12.3.8 module adds support for advanced functions on Marelli ECU¡¯s. MPPS covers a range of controllers including M3.8, M5.9, ME7xx, MED9, MED17, EDC15/16/17, Delphi, Siemens, Marelli, Delco, Sagem, Trionic and many others¡­
Benz ECU Test adapter
Benz ECU Test adapter
BMW EWS4.3 4.4 IC Adaptor for Xprog AK90 R270
BMW EWS4.3 4.4 IC Adaptor for Xprog AK90 R270
KESS V2 Firmware V4.036 Software V2.21
KESS V2 OBD2 Tuning Kit Following on the success of the tremendously stable and versatile Kess 1, this latest addition to the Alientech stable is probably the most advanced tool available today.KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit
FGTECH V54 FGTech Galletto4 Master BDM-TriCore-OBD
FGTech Galletto 2-Master this new system developed with high-speed USB2 technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone.
Genius ECU Hand-Held Chip Tuning Tool
The New Genius is the world¡¯s first Touch & Map device which allows reading / programming the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2.It is able to work without connection a computer during the critical phases of reading and writing of the ECU, ensuring the process is executed in complete safety. As a completely independent tool, the risks of working with a PC can be avoided, risks such as stalling, Windows crashes, power failure etc¡­
KESS V2 V4.036 Unlimited Token with Reset
KESS V2 V4.036 Unlimited Token with Reset
EcoOBD2 Diesel Chip Tuning Box
EcoOBD2 is a Plug&Drive Ready device to function the reducing fuel consumption for the economy and lower emission for the world.
EcoOBD2 CARS Chip Tuning Box
EcoOBD2 is a Plug&Drive Ready device to function the reducing fuel consumption for the economy and lower emission for the world.
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