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Emulator and CAN Filter

Yanhua Mercedes MB CAN Filter 18 in 1
Yanhua Mercedes MB CAN Filter 18 in 1
SQU OF68 Universal car emulator
SQU OF68 Universal car emulator
MB CAN Filter 3 in 1 for W222 W217 W205
MB CAN Filter 3 in 1 for W222 W217 W205
W204 Can Filter
W204 Can Filter (for 2007 model of C-class)
W170 Can Filter
W170 Can Filter (for 2006 model of SLK-class)
W169 Can Filter
W169 Can Filter (for 2006 model of A-class)
W164 Can Filter
W164 Can Filter (for 2006 model of ML-164SLK-171E-211R-230)
W221 Can Filter
W221 Can Filter (for 2006 model of S-class)
MB CAN Filter for W221 and W204
Can Filter for Mercedes-Benz W221 and W204, 2006- model of S-class, C-class. Filter the KM synchronization command between the cluster and the EZS module. This is the only way for the correction of w221 and w204 new models.
BMW CAS4 CAN filter
BMW CAS4 CAN-filter is a special module which allows to adjust mileage readings in BMW F01, F07, F10 and X3 2011-2012 (with motorola processor 9S12 XEP mask 5M48H / 4M48H C SC 66 7095 CAG).
Benz Can filter W164 W251 G55
Benz Can filter W164 W251 G55
Benz Can filter W164 W211 R SLK171
Benz Can filter W164 W211 R SLK171
Benz CAN Filter CAN Blocker 10 in 1
Filter the km synchronization command between the cluster and the EZS module .
Renault Nissan IMMO Emulator
Renault+Nissan IMMO Emulator
Opel Fiat Immo tool
Opel+ Fiat Immobilizer diagnostic software V3.50 Software language: English. Opel cars with Immo1,2 and Immo3 (CAN bus) supported up to year ,via OBD2
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