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Auto Odometer Correction

R290 CAS4+ Programmer
R290 CAS4+ supports the latest BMW, Porsche Motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H),
R280 Plus CAS Programmer
R280 Plus is a powerful microcontroller dedicated BFunction introduction:
Tacho V2008.7 
Tacho V2008.1 is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho V2008.1.
MAZDA OBD TOOL is a newly developed OBD equipment, light and easy, you can adjust all 2005-2015 using CAN BUS system MADZA3 / MADZA6 / MADZA CX5 / MADZA CX7 car dashboard, and repair using XC236X Airbag computer chips.
Ford obd tool
Ford obd tool is a newly developed thin, light and easy to use OBD equipment, mainly used for instrument calibration and anti-theft key FORD match,
Odometer Correction (K+CAN) IMMO login code read (K+CAN)
This product can be used to odometer correction ,read Security Access Code, key programmer, airbag reset tool, TV Activation and diagnostic for VW Passat,VW ,VW Bora,VW Polo,VW Golf,Audi A6,Audi A8,Audi A4, Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Fabia vehicles
Digiprog3 odometer programmer V4.94
This digiprog 3 odometer programmer V4.94 is latest version of Digiprog3, add more car models on the basic of V4.88. It is a cost-effective mileage correction tool, supports multi-language and full range or vehicle.
Digital odometer adjusting 2. Radio decoding 3. Airbag reseting 4. Immobiliser PIN code reading
CARPROG was designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair , ECU repair, car radios, including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key...
Digiprog III Digiprog3 V4.85 Odometer Correction
Digiprog III Digiprog3 V4.85 Odometer Correction is the newest version, and compared with V4.82 version, it has added more car models, performance also better.
Carprog Full V5.31
Carprog V5.31 with full 21 item adapters
Carprog Full V4.74 with Count reset
CARPROG was designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal diagnostic tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key transponder programmer.
Carprog V4.74 main unit with count reset
Carprog V4.74 Main unit with Dongle and Cont Reset (with all Software's activated and all 21 items Adapters)
Digiprog 3 OBD2 Version
Digiprog III Programmer with Full SoftwareWith the use of the new DIGIPROG III, the odometer adjustment is a breeze. Intelligent accessories and extensive manuals are enclosed. Language: Deutsch, English, Espanol,French,Portuguese,Italiano,Turkey,Nederlands.
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