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IVECO ECI Diagnostic tool

IVECO ECI Diagnostic tool


Iveco Eltrac Bluetooth Module enables wireless communication between vehicles and diagnostic computers and simplifies and accelerates repair operations in workshops.
A truck must be able to handle business-critical transports on a 24/7 basis. So fast, accurate error detection and correction is crucial for service technicians.
The Bluetooth module is a solid, reliable solution that currently is used in thousands of repair shops worldwide. Launching new functions, features, and technologies in existing solutions is always a challenge.
The wireless connection allows you to:
- Carry out Active Diagnosisí» by local checking the activation and the working of the components without the help of other operators.
- A better ergonomy during diagnosis operation without the hindrance and limitations of the cable.
- Check the parameters of the vehicle on-board systems during the dynamic.
Technical specifications:
Weight: 500 g
Dimension: 175x75x30 mm
Power supply: 6-32V
Connection interfaces: USB and RS232 standard, Bluetooth (optional)
Supported languages: Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Czech, Danish, Hungarian,
Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Russian, Korean
Set includes:
  • ECI diagnostic interface
  • Set of cables (USB, 32pin to 30pin, 30pin to 16pin (OBD))


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