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Transponder Chips



Free Chip  YS- 01

Free chip is a new kind of can replace these chips: 4C,4D,TPX1,TPX2.

EH2 4D Duplicable  Head

ID4D Copy Transponder
It can be copied in many times, it supports RW4 SILCA, it supports 4D(60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68)

Toyota 4C duplicable chip

ID 13 Transponder Chip
Import from initial manufacturer.

T5 ID 20 Transponder Chip Glass

T5 ID 20 Transponder Chip  Ceramic

T5 ID 20 Transponder Chip 

ID 23 Slica Reft 5 Transponder Chip
Direction: * The system of the transponder can be memorized.

ID40 Silca Reft 9 Transponder Chip
Description: * Suitable for Opel series.

ID 41 Silca Reft 11 Transponder Chip
Suitable for A32 key. * Import from Initial manufacturer. 

ID 42 Silca Reft 10 Transponder Chip
Suitable for VW ( Jetta) serial. * Import from initial manufacturer. * Wholesale for the product.

ID 44 Silca Reft 5 Transponder Chip
Suitable for Renault, Ford serials. * Import from initial manufacturer.

ID 45 Silca Transponder Chip  for Peugeot

ID 46 Silca Transponder Chip  for Honda,Peugeot, Citreon, Renault. Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Nissan, GM, Infiniti, Hyundai.

ID 48 Silca Reft 6 Transponder Chip
Description: * Be suitable for Guangzhou Honda / Passat B5 / Audi A6/ Santana 2000 / Bora/GOLF etc.

ID 4C Silca Reft 3 Transponder Chip  Glass
Silca RefT3 * T3 ID4C TX00transponder chip, suitable for FORD, LINCON, TOYOTA, LEXUS Serials. * TEXAS

ID 4C Silca Reft 4 Transponder Chip  Ceramic
Description: * T4 ID4C Transponder Chip, Suitable for TOYOTA etc.

ID 4D (Options: 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68) Silca Reft 17 Transponder Chip 

ID 8C Transponder Chip  


ID 8E Transponder Chip  




JMA TPX1 Cloner Chip

JMA TPX2 Cloner Chip

JMA TPX3 Cloner Chip

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